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Looking Good LCN celebrates 13 years of success as the sole importer and distributor of LCN products, from Wilde Cosmetics in Germany, reaching the whole of Southern Africa and stretching into Angola, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Ghana.

Lea Castro and Isabel Fenner, owners of Looking Good LCN are committed to the success of all their clients. They are passionate about the beauty industry and more importantly passionate about the importance of training!!

Looking Good LCN’s Training Concept supports the improvement of general training standards together with the Wilde Beauty School in Germany.

Looking Good LCN Beauty School offers specialized training in Nail Enhancements, Toe Nail Reconstruction, Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Art.  The LCN Beauty School strives to provide each student with all the necessary knowledge needed to start and maintain a successful business. READ MORE

LCN Recolution 2in1

An innovative product which combines a Bonding Agent and High Gloss Sealant in one product!

Two products in one for faster treatments. Excellent bonding and optimal high gloss properties. Ideal for a french, natural or full colour look. No yellowing or discolouration and provides an intensive shine and colour brilliance.



LCN Products

LCN has a wide range of products for Nails, Hands, Feet, Spa and Make Up, and it is our focus to ensure that every client’s needs are met. Service excellence is a priority.










LCN Beauty School


Beginner Nail Training


Conversion Nail Training


Manicure & Pedicure Training


Nail Art Training


Make-up Training



LCN FiberTech Gel

New FiberTech Gel provides 2 in 1 – bonding and sculpting. A highly viscous, yet very stable self-leveling sculpting gel with excellent bonding properties. This revolutionary new solvent free and acid free building gel requires NO BONDER!!





LCN Nail Polish Patented Ceramic Nano Technology


LCN professional polishes are high-performance lacquers that incorporate innovative nanotechnology to maximize and create unbeatable durability, strength and shine. And not only do our polishes perform – they’re free of the “Big 5”: DBP; Toluene; Formaldehyde; Cetyl Alcohol; Camphor!



Consumer Store


LCN Winter 2015 – Rich Velvet

The season remains romantic, but we are adding a huge portion of Glamour on top! Extravagance and flamboyancy are the keywords which describe the Fashion- and Design-Highlights.

The focus this winter lies on beautiful materials made of leather, silk and velvet as well as playful prints like the bourbon lily. A kind of Baroque-Chic has arrived which flatters and perfectly accentuates femininity

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