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Monteil Facial Therapist

Qualification Fee: R13 000 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Internet access is required.

Monteil Skin Care Programme Beginner

The new Monteil Skin Care programme, with the highly effective active ingredient, strengthens and smooths even the most sensitive of skins and counter acts wrinkles with an anti-ageing formula. The quality of these products and facial treatments will satisfy even your most discerning of clients.

This training is complete for any student with no knowledge of facial care. We will also show you how to be professional in; appearance, communication with clients, client care, safety and risk assessment at your salon.

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LCN Micro Needling Therapist

Qualification Fee: R20 500,00 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Micro Needling is only for qualified and certified Aestheticians.

Please note: Monteil Facial kit is required.

Micro Needling

Taking your treatments to higher levels. Gentle needles, powerful effects. This training allows you to provide a cosmetic treatment while working with the Monteil facial care range. LCN Micro needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment also known as collagen induction therapy.

This treatment in combination with our LCN specialists skin care serums and mild acid peels, customers will really benefit from this instantly visible anti-ageing treatment.

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LCN Even Skin Glow Therapist

Qualification Fee: R9 000 includes kit (compulsory products). You must be a qualified Micro Needling Therapist in order to do this course.

The natural no make-up look!

This is a sister system to Micro Needling. Our Nano heads create the perfect, even, natural look while providing the skin with premier class anti-ageing ingredients.

The serums come in two different colours that can be mixed to provide the perfect shade. High and Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acids, combined with Persian Silk Tree Extracts give your skin a smooth radiant result.

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LCN Plasma (4 in 1)

Qualification Fee: R174 700 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Only for qualified Skin Therapists with 3 years’ experience.

Different modules in the course:

Plasma treatment:
This a highly effective and non-invasive lifting treatment with extraordinary results completely without surgery. The latest technology in permanent make-up and skin tightening from LCN. A multi-functional beauty unit.

Soft Plasma:
It is an alternative solution to surgery. Highly effective cosmetic anti-ageing treatment, perfectly suitable for larger areas in your face and décolleté.

Special applicators are used to generate micro currents. These micro currents penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and tighten skin fibres.

Scalp Pigmentation:
Men and woman are suffering from hair loss. The LCN Scalp Pigmentation method help give an optically thicker and fuller looking head of hair. This gives an ideal solution for thin and sparse hair. With the LCN Scalp Pigmentation method you will tap into a new target group for your salon and increase your turnover dramatically.

Micro Needling:
The Micro Needling Treatment will complement the Plasma treatments for optimal skin stimulation.

Micro needling stimulates collagen and elastin as well as tightening the skin.

The special attachment of 20 very fine stainless needles is suitable to treat and reduce scar tissue, stretch marks and wrinkles.

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