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LCN Nail Technology

LCN Nail Technology: Manicurist

Qualification Fee: R17 900 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Internet access required.

A great entry level course into the world of nails. The perfect treatment combination; classic manicure with nail polish as well as Recolution (as a nail polish gel and soft gel) and Natural Nail Boost Gel (“NNBG”).

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LCN Nail Technology: Novice

Qualification Fee: R22 000 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Internet access is required.

For students with no knowledge of nail extensions, using our best-selling gel, FiberTech, for fabulously strong tip overlays. Natural Nail Boost Gel and Gel Polish “Recolution” as well as Manicures are also included in this course.

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LCN Nail Technology “Fill The Gap”

About the Course: 

Qualification Fee: R10 100 includes training fee and kit (compulsory products). Internet access required.

For experienced nail technicians using other gel systems or acrylic, focussing on tip overlays using our best-selling gel, FiberTech.

About LCN UV Gels

LCN Gels have been market leaders for over 30 years. Manufactured in Germany to European Council regulations, the quality of our product range is assured. LCN FiberTech is a hard gel with an innovative 2 in 1 bonding and sculpting system. It is acid and solvent FREE with micro-fiberglass particles to provide maximum strength and flexibility, making it the perfect product to use.

How do I qualify for this course?

Must have a nail technician qualification.
Send your qualification certificate to

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